CS 6262 Network Security

Course Creator and Instructor

Wenke Lee
Wenke Lee
Creator, Instructor


Topics to be covered in CS 6262 include:

  1. Introduction and review of networking and security basics
  2. Large-scale attacks and impacts
    1. DDoS
    2. Malware-based attacks, phishing/frauds, underground economy/infrastructures
  3. Penetration testing and security assessments
    1. Basic techniques and tools
    2. Social engineering and human factors
  4. Security in Internet protocols: IP, TCP, DNS, and BGP
    1. Vulnerabilities in TCP/IP
    2. DNS cache poisoning and DNSSEC
    3. BGP Security
  5. Advanced web security
    1. Web security model
    2. Defenses against attacks on web applications
    3. HTTPS: goals and pitfalls
    4. Content security policies and web workers
  6. Advanced malware analysis
    1. Evasive malware, APT
    2. Mobile malware
  7. Advanced network monitoring
    1. Botnet detection (BotHunter and BotMiner)
  8. Internet-scale threat analysis
    1. Mapping the Internet, e.g., Z-map
    2. Domain/network reputation
  9. Bitcoins and crypto-currencies
    1. Basics of blockchains and bitcoins
    2. New/emerging technologies
  10. Big data and security
    1. Big data for security: applying machine learning to security analytics, e.g., building detection models
    2. Security of big data, in particular, adversarial machine learning: poisoning of input/training data and evasion of learned models
      1. Examples in malware analysis as well as web searches
  11. Cloud security
    1. “Property-preserving” encryption: goals and pitfalls
    2. Oblivious RAM
    3. Virtual-machine security
  12. Attack-tolerant systems
    1. Secret-sharing
    2. Byzantine fault-tolerant systems
    3. Attack tolerance via diversification


  • Complete assigned readings for each lesson
  • Four projects
  • Final exam – T/F and multiple-choice questions based on lesson slides and reading materials

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