Cost and Payment Schedule

Tuition & Fees for OMS CS:

  • Tuition: $510 per 3-credit hour course (most OMS CS courses will be 3 credit hours)
  • Fees: $301 per academic term of enrollment ($194 institutional fee + $107 technology fee). Fees are assessed only for those terms in which students are enrolled in courses.
  • Students admitted to OMS CS will receive instructions for tuition payment.

Further Cost Support:

  • Financial aid: OMS CS students can qualify for financial aid just as any other graduate student. Please contact the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid with further questions or for more information.
  • Employer reimbursement: Many employers offer subsidies for tuition assistance. We encourage you to explore this option with your employer. Because of its greatly reduced cost, OMS CS may be completely covered even by modest tuition subsidies.

Payment Schedule:


OMSCS SnapTravel Fellowships - Visit the SnapTravel website for more information about two $1000 fellowships available to OMSCS students and how to apply.