Specialization in Machine Learning

For a Master of Science in Computer Science, Specialization in Machine Learning (15 hours), students must select from the following:

*The following is a complete look at the courses that may be selected to fulfill the Machine Learning specialization, regardless of campus; only courses listed with bold titles are offered through the online program.

Core Courses (6 hours)

Algorithms: Pick one (1) of:

  • CS 6505 Computability, Algorithms, and Complexity
  • CS 6515 Introduction to Graduate Algorithms
  • CS 6520 Computational Complexity Theory
  • CS 6550 Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  • CS 7510 Graph Algorithms
  • CS 7520 Approximation Algorithms
  • CS 7530 Randomized Algorithms
  • CSE 6140 Computational Science and Engineering Algorithms

And, pick one (1) of:


Electives (9 hours)

Elective ML courses must have at least 1/3 of their graded content based on Machine Learning.

Pick three (3) of:


Free Electives (15 hours)

Free electives may be any courses offered through the OMSCS program. You can find the list of current OMSCS courses here.